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Mission: “To glorify God by being a faithful steward of all that is entrusted to me and have a positive influence on all I come in contact with.”

“Humanitarian Photographer, Producer, Writer, Creative Director, Photojournalist, Digital Media Specialist, Brand Strategist – I use those labels myself to help describe what I do.

Above all, I am passionately and compassionately
engaged in telling the stories of the world’s disadvantaged  in the most compelling ways possible – whether
it is through a frame of video, a still image, or the right
sequence of written or spoken words.

Over the years, I’ve come to learn that the satisfaction I gain from my career is directly proportionate to the amount of time I spend using my talents and abilities to serve others. Following my service overseas in the U.S. military, I was fortunate enough to enter a career that allowed me to travel to far off places and experience other cultures. I’ve traveled extensively to more than 80 countries in some of the most difficult, remote places on the planet. In the process, I’ve dodged hurricanes, bullets, land mines, and badly aimed bombs (grateful for that).  I’ve interviewed presidents, warlords, and tribal leaders around the world and my work has been seen on national broadcast and cable networks. Won a few Telly Awards in the process, too. But all that stuff sort of becomes irrelevant if I miss the main point of what I am here to do.

Somewhere along the way, I’ve discovered that I care, deeply, about fighting poverty, disease, and injustice wherever it lives.

I’ve learned, through photography and good old-fashioned storytelling, that I can help make those who are fortunate aware of the plight of the unfortunate. And I can help convince them to do something to intervene. I’ve discovered that what continues to thrill me the most in life – gives me Raison d’être – is to know that the stories and visuals I bring back for the humanitarian organizations I work with help raise awareness, touch hearts, ignite in people the desire to do something to help effect change for the better – and help raise millions of dollars in donations for worthwhile causes.

It’s not just simple cause and effect. It’s the result of a deliberate design and plan of maximized engagement, collaborating with each organization to develop ethical, yet compelling, imagery and media that furthers their strategic communications objectives and mission, told with cultural sensitivity and respect. In simple terms: tell a better story to motivate compassion – and elicit a better response. In successful advocacy and fundraising, every frame of video, every photograph must be on message, aligned with your brand, and speak with the same voice; every picture MUST be worth 1000 words. Or more.





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SDI and PADI certified