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“Gary is a wealth of talent, vision and experience. His professionalism is only matched by his passion and eye for the perfect moment. Gary’s strength lies in his ability to manage the unique tasks prescribed to him in some of the most remote and unpredictable places on earth. His images testify to this.”

Duke Smith, President, Direct Point Group

“His work is exceptional; he’s one of the few World Vision takes back again and again to the field because they know he is not only a pro but has sensitivity to their mission and a respect for the people he encounters.”

Pamela Barden, PJ Barden, Inc.

“In three years I have traveled to some of the most remote parts of the planet with Gary Dowd as my producer. Gary’s skill in the field is matched only by his passion and work ethic. Numerous times I’ve been amazed by Gary’s diplomacy and ability to get the job done under trying circumstances while maintaining important relationships with field staff. Gary understands the needs of his clients, the realities of the field, and the needs of his photographers and videographers. His integrity and passion for the stories he is sent to gather, is phenomenal – I can’t imagine doing these projects without him.”

David duChemin, Photographer and author.

“We just reviewed the photos with the creative team this morning and all I can say is…


The colors, the texture, the smiles, the eyes…


You captured the spirit of the assignment.

The assortment of horizontal, vertical, close crops and wide angles



And yes, that’s a standing ovation you’re hearing!”

Lyric Murphy, Vice President, Group Director, Pasadena, CA

Gary is a tremendous talent whom I’ve had the pleasure of working with over the past year and a half. Not only does Gary have a gifted eye for photography, but he is also both reliable and professional while getting the job done. He is excellent at meeting deadlines, always provides plenty of wonderful and useable images, and is an overall joy to work with. Additionally, Gary is a great writer, which has been tremendously helpful in that he has been able to provide me with both photos and content for articles on several occasions. As an editor, Gary has been a fantastic addition to my freelance team.

Kelly Cooper, Editor-In-Chief
Valley Response Magazine

“I’ve said many times, “You can put a camera on a monkey’s back and he’ll get moving pictures for you!” But when a great story-teller exposes a shot through the lens of a camera, he must look into the soul of his subject to capture the true essence and heart of the scene. Gary does just that. Look into the eyes of those he’s captured and you’ll realize that he has exposed the pain, the hurt, the struggles and trials of those who are less privileged. He causes us to feel their pain and wish we could shoulder some of their struggle. This is not a learned talent; either you have it or you don’t.”

John G. Magyar, Jr., Writer/Director, Silverleaf Entertainmnent, Inc.

“Gary Dowd has helped Christians in Action find our brand. He has a huge resource of questions that helped us get right to the core of who we are as an organization.  He put everyone at ease and then deftly guided our group to identify its true characteristics as an organization and then find a deeper understanding of our central mission and important values. We found creative ideas coming from our own people that were both unexpected and brilliant. Gary is a class act; a man who can facilitate and inspire without being pretentious or overbearing.”

David Konold, Asst. to the President, Christian in Action

“Gary is a phenomenal. I worked with him to produce a video presentation for one of our Rescue Mission clients, and he organized and oversaw the project. He brought it to completion under budget and delivered a quality product that the client was thrilled with, and more importantly, captured their ministry in a compelling way that would inspire support from their constituents.”

John Wilkinson, Sr. Account Executive, Pasadena, CA


“Gary is a consummate professional.  He has a strong desire to get his client’s project just right, yet he treats those around him with respect, kindness and graciousness. As a director he was very clear and specific in his communication of how he wanted the script to sound, yet patient and encouraging throughout the process. Gary is easy to work with and personable.  It was a pleasure to work with him.”
Todd Barsness, Voice Talent