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Home Safe and Sound

Home Safe and Sound

It was the best of trips. It was the worst of trips. (sorry Mr. Dickens). It was nasty spider bites, voracious mosquitoes, and aggressive fire ants. And a wonderful experience and opportunity to make a difference.

First, Guatemala. I loved Quiche’, the people, the food. But it was a challenging trip. Travel from location to location was incredibly difficult with long hours off-road just to get to some of the mountain villages. But the field staff were amazing and very responsive. Hi-light of the week? Finding identical twins and two day-old baby goats in the same place.

Honduras…was different. I have visited Tegucigalpa, and other parts of Honduras, many times since 1993, including the aftermath of Hurricane Mitch. While it seems like capitalism is thriving (Burger King, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut, etc. all seem to be doing well), the economy seemed artificial. Outside the capital city, the poor seemed more vulnerable. From the indigenous people of Yoro to those in the Mosquito Coast, it was almost universal. I really appreciated that an organization like GOAL was going the extra mile to work among these people. that are difficult and costly to reach. In fact, GOAL  were the only significant humanitarian presence I saw at work in these areas.

There were no fast food joints out in the rain forest and it’s fortunate that I actually like fried plantains, red beans, rice, and tortillas 3 x a day. Still lost a few pounds. Maybe this is a marketing opportunity for a diet plan?

So, home at last after 3 1/2 weeks on the road with over 6000 photos and about 200 GB of mov files plus 10 hours of video to go through and eventually edit.  While I had Jordan Hay with me in Guatemala, I was completely solo in Honduras – which gave me a whole new appreciation for having a production assistant (and vice versa). This kind of work of just too important and physically demanding for one person.

Still, couldn’t have done it without the equipment provided by sponsors like Cinevate, ThinkTank Photo, Photoflex, Gura Gear, and LensBaby. I know I keep bringing up sponsors in my blogs but really, I so appreciate companies like these who make it possible for me to do the work I do for such noteworthy organizations as GOAL, Save The Children, World Vision, World Compassion, and others. Their support is helping to save lives.