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New Year’s Resolutions


I often start out the New Year without any problems writing the new date on checks and the like. It’s not until a month or so down the road that short-term memory kicks in and I make a few mistakes. (Uh sir, it’s 2014!) Anyone relate?

I also do not take the time on Jan. 1 to write down a wish or to-do list for the coming year. No, that’s always been a work in progress that usually winds up sometime in the Spring. (why rush? I have all year :-)

So for me,  December, January, and even February are usually months to maintain status quo in many areas. I replace the hours of bike riding with indoor training to keep my fitness level from slipping away but it’s hard to keep motivated with short days, lots of holiday foods, social and family events, and whatnot. By Feb. I’m often in a creative slump.

What to do?

I’ve often found that planning some new creative endeavor – something out of the norm, even out of my comfort zone -can help jump-start me into the new year. This year, I’m volunteering to help in the communications dept. of an inner city rescue mission. They appreciate the help and I get to try new stuff. Win win.

So, for the 3 other people who might see this blog – what do you do to get your new year started?