Gary Dowd  

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Are you a humanitarian or cultural photographer?

Want to take better images?

It takes great talent to make an image that captures the mind and heart. As a photographer, isn’t that the end goal of your work?
Wouldn’t it be great to not have to worry about the details, logistics, and location – and have a creative partner who understands the process and will collaborate with you behind the scenes to enhance your photographic experience and success of execution?

Photo Whispering

OK, maybe a little tongue-in-cheek. But seriously, my job is twofold: to help remove obstacles between you and your muse, and provide a level of creative input/feedback that will enable you to reach levels of success that you have only been able to glimpse dimly.

Our collaboration begins with me understanding your own visual process, goals, and vision. From there, it becomes a very unique and dynamic relationship that will help you better focus your creative energies.

Whether you are working independently, for a client, or within a corporate structure, let me put my experience and creativity to work for you.





“In three years I have traveled to some of the most remote parts of the planet with Gary Dowd as my producer. Gary’s skill in the field is matched only by his passion and work ethic. Numerous times I’ve been amazed by Gary’s diplomacy and ability to get the job done under trying circumstances while maintaining important relationships with field staff. Gary understands the needs of his clients, the realities of the field, and the needs of his photographers and videographers. His integrity and passion for the stories he is sent to gather, is phenomenal – I can’t imagine doing these projects without him.”

David duChemin, Photographer and Best-selling Author